Jackie O'Riley and Rebecca McGowan Irish dancing at the Lowell Folk Festival with the Old Bay Ceili Band.

Old-Style and Traditional Irish Dance 



We are very honored to be recipients of the 2017 Next Steps for Boston Dance grant from the Boston Foundation and the Aliad Fund. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work together intensively on developing and presenting new choreography. The grant supports and facilitates professional development for choreographers over the course of a year and a half. In June 2019 we released our debut first-of-its-kind "visual album" titled From the Floor.



Rebecca McGowan and Jackie O'Riley are a duet specializing in old-style traditional Irish dance.  Originally drawn to the grace, musicality, and subtlety of older steps, they have been dancing and creating together for the past 8 years. Jackie and Rebecca have developed a unique way of dancing in close unison that magnifies the detail of traditional rhythm and footwork. They have performed traditional and original work at the Catskills Irish Arts Week, the Institute of Musical Traditions, and the Lowell Folk Festival, and are the recipients of the 2017 Next Steps grant for Boston-based choreographers through the Aliad Fund and the Boston Foundation. 


Independently, Jackie and Rebecca have both followed a long path of studying and spending time with masters in the tradition, including Patrick O’Dea, Michael Tubridy, Aidan Vaughn, and Kieran Jordan.  Both direct and teach unique, non-competitive Irish dance programs for youth and adults, and have been on the faculty of festival dance programs including MAD Week, the Augusta Heritage Center's Irish Arts Week, and the CIAW. Above all, they seek to keep the music in their dancing and celebrate the rich community of traditional arts. 


Feb 17-18 - Tiny and Short: A Drop in the Bucket

Cambridge, MA

Rebecca and Jackie will perform original choreography with fiddle player Laura Feddersen, in an ensemble show produced by the Dance Complex.  All pieces must be contained within a 4'x4' platform.


Jun 16-17 - "In Harmony: Traditional Irish Music and Dance

Watertown, MA

Rebecca and Jackie will perform in an O'Riley Irish Dance company show.


June 16-17 -  "In Harmony: Traditional Irish Dance and Music" an O'Riley Irish Dance 

July 15-20 - CCE Musical Arts and Dance Week


Bethesda, MD

As faculty members of this week-long festival, Rebecca and Jackie will perform in concerts as well as informally throughout the week.


Apr 7 - The Next Step: A Collection of Solo, Duo, and Group Student Choreography

Watertown, MA

Rebecca and Jackie will perform in an O'Riley Irish Dance company show.

Apr 21-23 - Davis & Elkins Dance Festival

Elkins, WV

Rebecca and Jackie will teach and perform at the D&E Dance Festival, which brings local, regional and national artists together on the college campus for three exciting days of concerts and workshops.




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