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adult irish dance

Registration Open!

Old-Style Step Dance Repertoire Class for Intermed/Adv Dancers

Wednesdays 6-7pm

5 weeks, May 24 - Jun 21 

Canadian-American Club, 202 Arlington St. Watertown, MA


A repertoire class for those with some step dance experience, we'll focus on old-style step dancing jigs from Kerry and Cork that traveled over to New York and were danced up until the 1950's.  These are fun, funky steps, and we'll invite a live musician in for some of our session to enjoy them with live music.  Best footwear would be a low-heeled leather shoe, though hard/jig-shoes could work as well.


Also: we are joining up with Rebecca McGowan for this summer session! She's offering Old-Style Hornpipes on Tuesdays.  For a fun mini-intensive, sign up for both classes at a special rate - email to let us know you're signing up for both, and I'll send you a discount code. For all dancers, we'll have a shared outing to a session (Jun 4), and a chance for both classes to meet up to dance together!


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