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Apr 7, 7pm - The Next Step: O'Riley Irish Dance Company Show

This year, we started having live music in class for my advanced students. We've done this sporadically before, but usually on a special occasion. I hadn't worked consistently with a musician in class, and so I didn't really know what would happen. What I hoped for was that in some way my students would move towards being able to talk to and work the musicians without needing me in the middle. I was hoping they would start listening more closely to the music, and maybe begin to hear different things. It's the start of a long journey, but we are moving in that direction. and it's been such a pleasure to observe!

We decided that the best way to put this practice into use would be to produce our own show. Each dancer is working closely with one musician to come up with a solo dance piece. As a group we are also choreographing some duets, trios, and ensemble pieces. One of our dancers is doubling as the lighting director, and we have many parent volunteers to help make this happen.

The big night is April 7th, at our dance home, The Canadian-American Club. We hope you'll join us!

Tickets available here:

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