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New Release! From the Floor: A Visual Album of Irish Dance and Music

I couldn't be more excited to announce the release of a very unique project I've been working on for the past 3 years: a visual album of Irish dance & music, in collaboration with my long-time friend and dance partner Rebecca McGowan. We created 6 dance pieces, featuring traditional and original choreography, which were recorded live and filmed.

In the way a musician has the outlet of creating an album, we felt it should be possible to create a "visual album" – a collection of dances caught on film that are connected by being of the same moment in our creative process, rooted in a physical space that means something to us, and representing the style and repertoire that we practice. We wanted to try to bring the viewer into the small, subtle movements in sean-nós and old-style Irish dance that we find so much pleasure in. We were delighted to collaborate with Chris Stevens on button accordion and concertina and Nathan Gourley on fiddle (and sound). Louise Bichan did some stunning camera work, and the result is a really warm, honest, and up-close view of what we do, in a very new format. The full album is now available at, where you can stream or download the entire film. You can also preview the tracks and check out the liner notes. We'd really love to share our work with you all - thanks so much for reading!

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